Understanding The Bail Bond Process From Arrest To Release

Posted on: 19 July 2019

Do you know someone who was recently arrested? Is this the first time you have ever dealt with a situation like this? If so, you are likely feeling overwhelmed, especially if you are now being asked to take care of bail. Understanding how the bail bond process works can help you navigate without the stress and confusion.


By the time your friend or family member reached out, they would have already gone through the processing phase. Processing is what occurs when the person is arrested and transported to a local jail. The person arrested will have to provide information such as their first and last name, address, birthdate, and any other identifying information.

A mug shot is also usually taken at the time of booking. The police will collect the person's belonging and any evidence. After having the person searched and collecting a DNA sample, he or she will be able to use the phone to contact a friend or family member, which is where you come in.

Your Role

Once your loved one reaches out for help, you will then have to find out the bail amount set so you can discuss it with a bail bondsman. You will need to contact a local bail bondsman to find out how much you will need to pay to bail your loved one out of jail. Typically, a bail bondsman will charge 10% of the bail amount set. If the bail amount set is $1,000, you will need to figure out how to pay $100 to bail your friend or family member out of jail.

Keep in mind that you must guarantee the person you bail out will make their court appearance. Failure to appear means you could be held responsible for the full bail amount. Therefore, you should only consider bailing someone out if you know you can trust them to appear in court.

In some situations, a bail bondsman can meet you at the jail and have you fill out paperwork no matter the time of day or day of the week. In other situations, you may have to wait a bit before you can get your loved one released. How fast the process goes will depend on where you live and whether there is a bail bondsman nearby that is available.

Before you meet with the bail bondsman, know that you have different payment options. One of the most popular methods of payment would be via credit card. However, there are other options, such as using your home, vehicle, or even valuable jewelry as collateral. Check with the bail bondsman to make sure he or she will accept such forms of payment. Once payment has been made, your loved one will fill out paperwork and be released from jail.

If you need assistance with the bail bond process, contact a qualified bondsman near you.