What To Do When A Friend Calls You For Help Getting Bailed Out Of Jail

Posted on: 20 May 2019

Getting a call late at night from a jail might be something you did not expect, and the purpose of the call is likely for help. If your friend is in jail and calls you, he or she is probably calling to ask you to help him or her get out of jail. Before you agree to this, there are several things you should analyze. Here are some of those things.

Find Out the Details of the Arrest

When talking to your friend, you should ask questions about the arrest. What was it for? Did he or she commit the crime? Will he or she spend time in jail for the crime if convicted? It is important to ask questions about the arrest simply so that you can learn more about it. This can help you decide if you should help your friend get out or not. As you ask the questions, ask too about the bond amount. This amount is generally fairly low for crimes that are not extremely serious, but it can be really high for serious crimes.

Consider the Person's Background

The second thing you should do is consider this friend's background. Is he or she always in trouble, or is this the first type of legal problem your friend has had? If you have bailed him or her out in the past, has your friend followed the conditions of the bail? Analyzing a person's background is a good rule of thumb when determining if you should bail him or her out, as this can help you decide whether you trust him or her or not.

Talk to a Bail Bondsman to Learn More

The third thing to do is contact a bail bondsman — unless you have enough cash to use to bail your friend out. A bail bondsman can help you bail your friend out no matter what the situation is, but you may still need to put up some money or collateral for this to happen. You should find out how much money you will need or what types of assets you can use. You should also ask about the conditions of the bail bond and the consequences of your friend not following these conditions and terms.

Using the services offered by a bail bondsman is the easiest way to help a friend get out of jail. If you need these services or have questions about them, call a bail bondsman today.