Tips For Having Your Bail Bond Premium Reduced

Posted on: 30 December 2018

If you don't have the cash on hand to pay for bail, then you'll need to use a local bondsman to help cover the money that you need. This service does come at a cost, which you pay as a bail bond premium. It is usually based on a percentage of the amount of bail money needed, but there are some ways to lower how much you'll pay. Here are several things you can tell a bondsman to help reduce the bail bond premium.

You Aren't Facing Serious Charges

The charges you're being accused of can play a big part in how big of a risk you are, and that can relate to the premium that you pay. A person that is less of a risk due to a less serious charge is more likely to show up to court and have the bail released.

You Are A First-Time Offender

If you do not have a criminal history and are a first-time offender, this is also worth mentioning when getting a bail bond. A person without a deep criminal past is more likely to show up to court due to not wanting to tarnish their criminal record even more, and could convince a bondsman to work with you to lower the premium owed.

You Are A Member Of The Local Community With Strong Ties

Since the main risk that a bondsman has is losing the bond money, you can demonstrate that you are not going to leave town anytime soon. If you are a local business owner or have very strong ties to the community, this can help demonstrate that you have a reason to stay and show up to court. Anything that can prove you will be less of a risk will help prove your case, and community ties is one way to do so.

You Can Pay A Partial Bail Amount

Sometimes the problem with meeting the requirements for bail is that you do not have the full amount. If you are willing to put up a lot of your own money for bail, then the bondsman is paying less for their part and it will reduce your premiums. Putting your own money up for bail also means that you have more to lose by not showing up to court, which could relate to getting a discount on any premiums owed.

When in doubt, talk to a local company like ABC Bail Bonds for more information and advice.