Bootstrapping A Masonry Company? Why Leasing Equipment Is The Financially Smart Option

Posted on: 24 October 2018

If you have grown up in a family-run construction business or have opted for on-the-job or technical school training in the masonry industry, you already know that it can difficult to get a new masonry business off the ground. Yet masonry construction continues to be in demand because homes and businesses built with masonry are considered to be some of the most durable and attractive in nearly every area of the nation.

Since the key to starting any successful contracting business involves offering superior quality along with affordably priced services, new masonry companies who want to succeed must look for ways to stretch their budgets while still being able to meet every customer deadline. If you are planning to open a new masonry company, here are three very good reasons to forego purchasing your own construction equipment and opt to lease instead. 

Better quality for a budget-friendly cost

New masonry companies who are trying to get started on a limited budget often try to cut corners by buying old equipment that needs repairs or models which are considered outdated in the industry. While doing this may save some money on the initial cost of purchasing equipment, the downtime and repair costs can quickly eat up those savings. If the equipment causes missed deadlines for project completion, profit margins can be wiped out and future business opportunities can be endangered. 

By opting to lease the lulls, forklifts, mortar mixers, and scaffolding you need instead of purchasing cheap used ones that may be in very poor condition, new masonry businesses can eliminate the repair costs and downtime that can jeopardize business success.

Increased safety for employees

Another reason to choose to lease the construction equipment needed for a new masonry business is to enhance employee safety on the job. Employees who must work on insecure scaffolding or operate unsafe equipment that is not equipped with industry-standard safety features are more apt to become injured on the job. Masonry contracting businesses who protect their employees by opting to lease late-model, safety-tested equipment are taking proactive steps to protect the health of their employees while helping to avoid sick pay and workers' compensation issues for their business.

Easier budgeting for future growth

Another benefit that new masonry contracting businesses can experience when opting to rent the equipment they need rather than purchasing it is the increased ease in budgeting for future growth. Instead of worrying about payment plans, interest rates, and tax depreciation tables, masonry business owners can predict exactly what their equipment lease is costing them each year. 

To learn more about the affordability and benefits of leasing equipment for your new masonry business, contact a local construction equipment leasing service like LeaseSource in your area.