Coming Up Short-Handed On Bail Money? Other Bail Bonds Finance Services That Help

Posted on: 31 July 2018

You have scraped, scrimped, and scratched, right on down to collecting every dime everyone else owes you and digging down couches and chairs for loose change. Somehow, you are still short on bail money to spring your relative from jail. One bail bond service that some bail bond agents provide is a "good faith" payment. It allows you to give all that you have collected to the agent, and then the agent waits to see if you can come up with the rest. At the very least, that which you collected cannot "disappear" before you can get the rest. Here are some other options you can try to get enough bail money together.

Payment Arrangements

This is an atypical service for many bail agents, but one that can really help you and your relative out of a tight spot when the bail bond agent offers payment plans. You and your relative have to agree to weekly, biweekly, or monthly payments to cover any remaining bail amount you cannot cover by other means. You have to adhere to this agreement because the bail agent is going out on a limb to extend to you and yours the money needed to get the jail to release your family member.

If you fail to pay it per the payment plan or the relative jumps bail, the bond agent can sue you both to get the remaining money. (That is part of this arrangement. However, most people are in dire straights and are willing to make this arrangement. Many of them actually follow through with the payments, too.) 

Pawn or Sell Valuables

Bail bond agents do not sell or pawn valuables unless the valuables were given to them as bail bond compensation and the valuables have become the bond agent's own property now. If you want to use valuables, such as a car or diamond jewelry, you can. You may also pawn or sell these items to a pawnbroker to get cash to use as bond money.

Do not do this if you hope to keep the items pawned or sold, since you cannot get them back if the relative jumps bail. In many cases, you cannot get the bail money back, and then you cannot raise enough money to get your valuables back, either. A lot of people deeply regret losing a family heirloom to a pawn shop when they could not pay to get these items back.

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